About Larica Group of Hotels

Quality service makes your stay at ‘Larica Group of Hotels’

Puri is always abuzz with activities of locals as well as travellers. For many decades, it has been one of the must-visit destinations on travellers’ wish list for scenic beach beauty and religious fervour. Those are enough reasons for the hospitality industry to grow by leaps and bounds in this city. With so many hotels around – from budget to luxury – it really gets difficult to take the right pick.

Larica Hotel has every room well decorated with modern furniture. The rooms and attached balconies are fronting the water body, implying a natural and spectacular visual treat for the guests. The hotel hierarchy offers the best and most modern facilities to the travellers. Every tourist has a different set of needs but all converge to a common point – they always want to be treated to utmost luxury and premier quality service. And that is always guaranteed at our hotel in Puri.