About Larica Group of Hotels

Quality service makes your stay at ‘Larica Group of Hotels’

Puri welcomes both high-heeled travellers and budget backpackers alike. We offer wider range of accommodations including Non-AC, Deluxe Non-AC, Deluxe AC, Super Deluxe and Dormitory. The hotel is spacious enough and accommodates a dining room, car parking zone and common lounge. Price differs according to the level of luxury you want to enjoy but it is always pegged at a reasonable margin.

All imaginable facilities are thrown into every room, referring to an excellent balance of arty look and high comfort. The rooms are high on amusement and entertainment quotient, with digital TV, classy furniture, music system and other modern installations. Private balcony is an added attraction as from here; you can always be all eyes to surging waves, starry sky and shining beach. Above all, our superlative service will never allow you to forget your date with Puri.