About Larica Group of Hotels

Quality service makes your stay at ‘Larica Group of Hotels’

On strength of our long and rich experience in this niche, we have realized that every traveller is unique in terms of preference but all want ultimate comfort and care. At our hotels, we provide cordial, relaxed and warm ambience so that you can always get to sink in comfort of your home. We want every guest to cook up an excuse to prolong their stay and be back to us with unbridled joy of a homecoming.

Our chain of hotels is extended to Puri and Tarapith. We have redefined luxury and hospitality in our hotels. Apart from world-class facilities in each of hotel rooms, we have also arranged a garden, banquet hall and fine-dining restaurant. We have grown from strength to strength with our blinkered focus on delivering superlative service that never fails to meet high level of expectation. Our premier quality service has attracted attention from Puri and Tarkeshwar-bound travellers.

Quality service on low budget is our business mantra and we are keen to serve with renewed verve in years to come.

Puri is a melting bowl of plenty of beautiful things. Though the beach city is famous for blue expanse of rolling waterbed and sacred Jagannath Temple, its rich heritage of culture, mouth-watering cuisines and towering architecture are also an irresistible attraction for the tourists. Are you planning to visit Puri? Larica Hotel ushers every backpacker into its world-class ambience and embraces them with unforgettable hospitality. Larica Hotel is located in close proximity to sea. Our hotel in Puri is not far away from the nearest Bhubaneswar airport and also well connected to the national highway. Konark Temple, which is one of the most visited tourist spots in Puri, is also within a stone throw distance. In a word, Larica Hotel is easily accessible from every route you may try and use.