Tarapith is also famous as the birth place of great saint Bamakhepa. Labhpur, which is nearby Tarapith, is also attracting the visitors as a place where great Bengali author Tara Shankar Bandopadhyay was born. Many travellers make a visit to Tarapith to kill many birds with a single stone. They offer prayers to the Goddess and also explore the sightseeing spots. Stay in our Tarapith hotel and enjoy your days in spiritual ambience of this sacred place.

We offer an extensive breadth of holiday packages for the religious travellers as well as ordinary backpackers. Whether you are travelling alone or have family or group of friends by your side, we are able to offer the right kind of accommodation and dining arrangement to satisfy varied needs of travellers. In our hotel, you will get to experience roomy and classy interiors whereas outer structure exudes sophistication in camouflage of simplicity.

Apart from comfort and luxury at every corner of room, you will also be treated to princely dining extravaganza. The best of delicacies – both Bengali dishes and signature cuisines from other provinces – are served to please our guests. If our high quality service is a undoubted winner, budget price is definitely an attraction for the vacationers.